Using Sustainable Initiatives
To Empower Young People

Private donors cover all of our operating costs. 100% of your donations go directly into powerful & impactful projects that teach young people new skills to be self sufficient, resourceful & forward thinking.


Amazon Smile

Youth Link Networks is registered with Amazon Smile. This means that we get 0.5% cash back from all Amazon purchases without you even noticing as it does not affect your purchase in any way. All you need to do is nominate us once and Amazon kindly take care of the rest.

The Giving Machine

Youth Link Networks is registered with The Giving Machine where you will have access to over 200 retailers that will give a contribution to us every time that you purchase something. For example H&M  will donate 3.6%, ASOS 1.80% & Groupon 5.40% for example. Its simple and it’s free. Register today & get shopping!!!

Your Investment Goes A Long Way

We understand that you want to know EXACTLY where your investments are going. So, let’s break it down for you.


It is estimated that 500 million females worldwide lack access to menstrual products and hygiene facilities. Not having the security of safe and hygienic sanitary care can lead to several issues, particularly, girls dropping out of school. 


Educating a girl is like educating a nation. In Africa, it is estimated that every 1 in 10 girls miss school due to their period. We are passionate about changing this to 0. 

Join us in the movement by empowering girls to stay in school by teaching them how to make their own safe and comfortable sanitary pads. 

just £7 can support a girl to make an entire reusable sanitary kit for 1 year.


Our team are passionate about fixing our climate!

We are dedicated to building a carbon neutral world by 2030 and have committed to planting 25,000 trees over the next 3 years. 

By donating £5 today, you are saying NO  to Climate Change and YES to a brighter and more conscious future by allowing us to plant 5 trees on your behalf…





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