Our Achievements

Impact Youth Link Networks has had to date:

– Planted over 1,000 trees to mitigate climate change

– Reduced the school girl dropout rate to 0% at St Pauls Secondary School in Iganga Town from 2018-2019, despite the schools increase in numbers of 41%

– 52 families directly impacted, 312 people indirectly impacted through our Covid-19 relief project in 2020

– Over 750 girls issued with reusable sanitary pads and adolescent education

– Impacted 36 beneficiaries directly and 250 indirectly by partnering with the local medical centre to support vulnerable teenage mothers with psychological support, early childhood development & nutritional education, farming skills and sexual reproductive health rights (SRHR) education.

– Bringing vulnerable children into safety through the Covid-19 project and resettled in St Philomena’s baby home

– Normalising the discussion of period poverty, openly discussed misconceptions & taboos with students and teacher so that they were able to bridge a gap in communication

– YLN provided home package support to 10 families (20 people directly, 60 people indirectly) living in extreme poverty (packages containing pots, pans, utensils, food, bedding, mosquito nets, access to medication and hospital appointments.


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