Our 2022 Goals

From July 2022 - December 2022

– Train 6 NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) young people a month in ICT Skills. Classes will take place for 4 hours 2x per week. Students will learn how to use Microsoft packages, create email accounts, draft and send emails, create CV’s and covering letters, they will also undergo interview tips and techniques.

Total trained students with certification = 36

– Train 6 NEET girls (under the Pretty Box Project) with sewing skills on a module basis. Girls will learn about the sewing machine, sewing tools and equipment, pattern cutting, threads, stitching and more. The girls are expected to leave the course feeling confident to make a variety of garments and will go on to the 2nd phase of learning in 2023 to learn entrepreneur skills.

– In partnership with 10 Billion Strong, we aim to train 50 youth leaders in climate change mitigation. Among the 50 leaders there will be:

10 Female youth

10 Primary youth

10 Secondary youth

10 University youth &

10 NGO youth lead participants

All categories of youth will be highly trained on 5 climate change topics each from a detailed and reliable training platform provided by 10 Billion’s Green Leaders Academy. All leaders will engage their demographics audiences with events at the end of the course to engage the communities and raise awareness that supports the evolving of the environment.

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