Endokwa, meaning seedlings-Rebirth 


The restoration of trees remains among the most effective strategies for climate change mitigation, according to a recent study.

Uganda is one of the leading agriculture countries in the world, but its success is largely dictated by climatic conditions. Global warming has led to disruption of agricultural seasons affecting agricultural production. Poor agricultural output inevitably leads to food insecurity, economic challenges, health issues and migrations. This is unhelpful with a rapidly growing population (from 23million in 2000-44million in 2019. That’s 21 million people in 19 years). With the food demand increasing and farmers harvest at risk, there is need to educate the population about the importance of climate change and the need to replant trees to maintain biodiversity and stability of the environment.





·       Uganda has the highest rate of deforestation in the world

·       Vocational education is limited in the Eastern region. 

·       Climate change awareness limited

·       Covid-19 has created higher levels of poverty leading to more pressure on the environment (for example, cutting down an excessive number of trees to sell firewood in bid to generate an income)


What are the consequences of the problem?


·       Biodiversity loss

·       Increased carbon dioxide that raises heat levels and aids climate change (carbon dioxide is at its highest in 800,000 years)

·       Food insecurity

·       Poverty

·       Health issues

·       Migrations

·       Overpopulated cities




·       Raise climate change awareness

·       Provide quality education

·       Provide skills

·       Create opportunities for employment and entrepreneurship ventures

·       Develop new national & international partner relations to fulfil project goals



·       Effective long-term partnerships to combat climate change

·       Plant 25,000 trees in 3 years to mitigate climate change and create greener environments

·       Every household in the Eastern region with an education on climate change & contributing towards greener environment by planting trees

·       Individuals generating income through tree planting

·       Preserving biodiversity


With your help, by June 2022, we aim to raise £15,000 to build a teaching centre where we will offer education in Climate Change and skills in Arboriculture and host community groups to share information and mitigate climate change. 


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